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On this website, you shall find a small selection of my most prized and proud moments of my life so far, i love to travel and have really taken a liking to taking photos of landscapes, scenery, attractions,people and all other things that caught my attention to be inspired to take a snap of it.. Just to remain transparent, all past and, present and future pictures have solely been taken with a smartphone, my google Pixel 2 to be precise soon to be upgraded to a pixel 3, What you see are full resolution original snaps taken from my nimble mobile device and the price will reflect this. Happy browsing.


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I have only just begun to launch out and take risks,as Ive lived a fairly sheltered life, so far, to shake off my life long shackles of not knowing what i want to do in life, I've started travelling, and both occasions have been abroad on my own, solo! and i can honestly say i have enjoyed every bit of the experience. I've learnt so much. My first journey of going abroad, started mid July in Rome, and i have only just recently come back from Egypt! My future destinations of travel will be Greece, China, New York, Hong Kong, i can only but dream of going to all these destinations soon. 

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Special Snaps taken with nothing but a phone.

Everything ive ever done has started from the basics, and this endeavour to sell my photos is no exception, its going to be a long journey, but long journeys are tolerable when theyre exhilarating and exciting!


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Tristrum Jerome Bolton 

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